East Village Art in the Public Realm

Located on bridge abutments, sheds and public washrooms along RiverWalk, the artwork – entitled Bridge – is truly a representation of the East Village community, celebrating the people most connected to it, their stories, and the neighbourhood landscapes in which they unfold.

Katie set to work familiarizing herself with the neighbourhood as she looked for project participants. She spent countless hours meeting with residents, visitors to the area, businesses, service providers and community organizations, such as the Calgary Drop-In Centre, the Calgary Public Library, The Salvation Army, Calgary Family Services and many more. After numerous East Villagers raised their hands to get involved, they were engaged in a series of mask-making workshops facilitated with art therapist and project photographer, Chelsea Call. Each participant was then photographed wearing their masks in East Village spaces in relation to their story. 

The creation of the masks invited participants to consider how they are perceived, both by themselves and by their outer world. East Village resident and Bridge participant, Angelica, agreed that the creative process was both introspective and deeply tied to the community’s roots. “During the project, we focused on discovering ourselves and our own masks, but when I take a step back, I realize we have collaboratively told the story of this community's diverse identity. I am grateful and proud to be a part of the beautiful mosaic of people who call East Village home.”

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